Final Evaluation

When I first got the brief, I thought it would be a fun project due to the ‘crazy’ element we had to incorporate and my initial ideas were to have food images flying around everywhere. The part I most enjoyed about the brief was the sense of freedom when designing as the brief was quite vague and I could pick elements from my research and choose my own artists to be inspired by. I also enjoyed the challenge of using illustrator alone as this is something I have never done before.

Throughout my research, I learnt about the use of colour and the emotions it can convey, for example a colour palette which was less saturated can give mellow feelings rather than excitement and I think this was important when considering my own colour palette as the brief was to make the pieces look ‘crazy’ therefore an exciting, bright colour palette was necessary.

My research influenced me in many ways, for example I took the style for my app illustration from the Dawn Of Craft app icon which was detailed but still looked like an illustration with some cartoon features such as the sushi in my own piece where the rice was not individual grains but one whole colour with a few darker grains. For my instructional illustration, I have use influence from the Tesco Food Social piece by Alice Stevenson as the typography which names the ingredients curls round the illustrations, the same as my piece. I have focused on the Jamie Oliver magazine spread in the way that there is food flying about above the focal point; the man, whereas the focal point in my piece uses the pizza slice as the focal point.

App Icon Successes:

The piece fits the brief well to be crazy due to the splash in the background. I also think for the lack of my own skill in Illustrator the quality of the illustration came out good.

App Icon Failures:

The app could be fitted towards the brief slightly more, for example it could have incorporated more colours such as the sushi being multi-coloured or the wooden board being a bright colour as this would make the piece look more exciting.

I am happy overall with the piece however I think there could have been more detail within the piece such as scales on the fish and perhaps a shadow on the items. In terms of suited the brief I think it does fit due to the splash in the background however as mentioned before it could be more multi-coloured. Throughout my app research I have learnt a lot about the style of illustration and I think I have applied this to some extent, however I think I got carried away a bit in terms of detail as the illustration is quite detailed and it will be hard to see this on a phone screen but some of my research icons are very detailed and this is perhaps a good thing as in the app store the icon is enlarged and may entice people to download the app.

Instructional Illustration Successes:

The use of colour and typography work the best in this piece, it is bright and colourful and fits the brief. The illustration element is an okay quality.

Instructional Illustration Failures:

The illustration quality could be improved if I had a larger time frame, due to the amount of detail that would have needed to be added to make it more effective and I also think the instructional images could have been better quality.

In terms of fitting the brief I think it does meet the ‘crazy’ element in which it was supposed to convey due to the food appearing to be flying around a tornado which is quite an unusual concept. To fit to the brief even more and make the image seem even crazier I could have made the actual food images different colours or perhaps even done a crazy food such as a multicoloured cake. I learnt through my research that it is important the steps in an instructional illustration are clear and this is something I carried out through to my own instructional illustration, the steps on the tornado are very clear and I have made sure the text is easy to read. This is perhaps a downfall too as I think it would be slightly hard to understand if there were no words on the page however not impossible. I think another downfall would be that it may be hard to tell what order the steps go in as they are not straight down or across they are spread about the tornado.

Magazine illustration successes:

What I think is most successful about the magazine illustration would be the quality of the illustration, I like the way the crust looks detailed and you can easily tell it is a slice of pizza.

Magazine illustration failures:

I think the pizza could have more toppings flying about the page such as tomatoes, bits of cheese and perhaps the black lines which symbolise the food flying about could have been a bit subtler and I don’t think the black lines look very good.

The overall quality of the illustration I am happy with but there are a few things I would improve as mentioned, I do think it fits the brief in terms of the ‘crazy’ element due to the food exploding off the pizza surface and the busy background shows excitement through the chaotic design, as well as the bold dripping title. To fit the brief even more I would add more pizza toppings and perhaps make the page a bit more colourful however the background colour does make the pizza stand out. Throughout my research into magazine spreads I have learnt that it is important to use bright colours to capture the audience’s attention in order to get them to read the article, and I have used the bright red and yellow colours to do so and I think it does work effectively to capture the audience’s attention and entice them to want to read the article. The title is definitely readable and I have made sure to line up the middle of the spread with a gap in the word ‘Lovell’ however I could not really do the same for the pizza slice and this may become distorted when it was turned into an actual magazine spread due to the crease in the middle, this would be quite a big downfall in the piece. The imagery for the spread conveys the ‘crazy’ theme well and the large title includes the word ‘chef’ therefor it is very clear what the article would be about.

Throughout the project, I enjoyed the challenge of using Illustrator and if I had a larger time frame I think I could have made a very effective piece using illustrator as it would take a bit longer to learn the tools as well as I know the tools in Photoshop. I can learn the importance of using different tools for illustration as well as the challenge of learning new things which can be difficult but rewarding.

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