Instructional Illustration

  1. Tornado

I used the paintbrush tool to create the swirl and working on multiple layers I have built up tone and detail using different shades of grey to give the tornado a 3D element due tot the darker greys around the edges and the lighter greys in the centre. This idea comes from my research, the Tesco food image shows everything coming together into one which is what my idea essentially is.

I found it very difficult to make the tornado look right as most of the time I was not happy with the shape and I struggled to envision how it would look right with the other elements on the page. After several attempts I used this one. It was hard to make it look how i wanted it to look and I had to factor in how I was going to incorporate the food items but eventually I finished with this design which I think looks effective enough and gets my idea started.

2. Sushi

I used the paintbrush tool to create this item which is a piece of sushi and will be placed at the bottom of the instructional illustration. I used the brush and magic wand tool to create this image, by using the magic paintbrush tool I could paint the colour areas such as the salmon and blend it using the blur tool, I chose to use these tools because I am very confident in using this and I know I can make it work. I then went to the layer which had the original photo of the sushi on a selected around the area before going back to the illustration layer and deleting the area to give a very sharp edge which was the shape of the sushi.

I am pleased with the outcome of this illustration, it looks very realistic. With this illustration alone and the other one I think it is not ‘crazy’ enough and I plan to make more images to be flying around the tornado. I chose to have a very realistic style for this piece and I do think it will look a bit odd compared to the tornado as this is a very cartoony style of drawing.

3. Sushi 2

Using the paintbrush tool I have traced over the image of the sushi, matching the colours by pressing and holding the alt key which brings a colour picker in order for me to match the colours in the photograph. I think this illustration works well and I like the detail in the rice, to create this I used the brush tool and the magic wand tool by painting each individual grain of rice and selecting around the image then deleting the area to give a sharp edge. While drawing each grain of rice is quite repetitive and boring the rice area was not too large so it was not too bad.

I had to draw each food item in the sushi depending on where it was in the roll, for example the avocado first because it was the item at centre of the roll, the the salmon then the rice to ensure that the items layered up correctly and looked realistic. The reason for using the sushi made up whole is to show the finished product to the audience and show them what the ingredients make and I like the way this turned out. The illustration itself is not too crazy however this was not the point of the final piece of food.


To make the pain I used the paintbrush tool as well as the images from google, I used the collaging technique to combine parts of the two images before tracing over them with the paintbrush, I took the rice from the bowl and cut it away from the bowl by using the quick selection tool, then inversing the selection of the rice and pressing delete, I then dragged the rice layer on top of the pan to create the look that the rice was in the pan. Then, using the paintbrush tool I began painting half of the rice by using the alt key and a small brush, I did half of the pan then duplicated the rice before flipping it and placing it next to the first section of rice in order to create a symmetrical rice pile. Then using the paintbrush and blur tool I began painting the pan, this was difficult to get exactly right as everything had to be very blended in order to create the smooth metal look of the pan.

In my opinion the handle is the most successful thing about this part of the illustration as it looks the most realistic, I think I could have painted the rice a bit better however it was very time consuming to paint each individual grain of rice and the end result does not look disastrous.

4. Roll mat and nori

I used the posterize effect for this illustration as well as the blur tool. I wanted to use a different technique for some of the illustrations to add variety to the piece at the end. This style of illustration is similar to the example 1 in the way that it is quite realistic. I think this type of illustration using this technique is not the most successful compared to other techniques such as the pan and the sushi rolls but it definitely less time consuming, the rolling up illustration looks a bit odd as it is quite blurry, this is due to the blur effect and I think this is my least favourite part of the illustration due to how un neat this looks.

5. Soy Sauce Splatter

I used the magic wand tool to pick out different colours and shadows as well as light areas, I wanted to change the technique slightly to the illustrations did not all look the same and I think it works well. I wanted to use a splat as it emphasises the crazy theme and adds excitement to the piece. I used the magic wand tool as it is an easy way to get the exact shape of the splatter without distorting the outline or getting any parts wonky and I think this worked. In terms of illustrator research I do not think that this piece fits in with any particular research piece but more or less combines them, for example example 3 uses food flying around the page which I have also used as well as example 2 which uses the spread to create a page full of colour which is what I have also done.

I think the end result of the soy sauce splash looks effective and I like the way it turned out due to its simplicity although I do think that it does not look exactly like the photograph but this is not an issue as all of the illustrations which make up the whole piece are not all that realistic, for example the tornado.

My use of colour in this illustration is successful as they match the photograph and I think it would have been difficult for me to choose these colours if I did not have a guide like that, I would not have chosen the greys and beige colours to mix with the dark colour of the soy sauce however it works well.

6. Soy Sauce Bottle

The soy sauce bottle was an image from Google and I used the paintbrush tool to draw it, so that it would look like the splatter was coming out of the bottle. In terms of detail I think this piece is good however it is slightly wonky and not very professional looking, I think it could be improved if I were to work more deeply into it. I wanted to use the paintbrush tool as I am most confident with this tool and I know how to use it well, especially with a drawing pad but it does take a lot of time to get the images looking very high quality which is ideally what I wanted to achieve in this illustration but the time frame did not really allow me to do so. Moving on I need to arrange everything around the tornado and add a background and text.

7. Composition

I have added the drawings I have done so far around the tornado, as if they are going around with the tornado. I think this is a successful look and really goes with the ‘crazy’ theme. To improve the piece I would like to add more illustrations and typography. I have had quite a few difficulties in making the illustration such as the tornado and the way that it looked as I was not quite happy with it and it did not necessarily look professional and overcoming this issue was difficult however I did not want to change my idea so I had to add the other images and hope that it balanced out the way that the tornado did not look so professional. Some important creative decisions I have had to make were a lot to do with the colour scheme, I think green it good as it is a natural colour and parts of the instructional imagery has green in and goes well with the background.

I have then composed more illustrations and adde typography. I have also added a shadow behind the tornado to add variety to the page and also a striped background to add excitement. I used the font as it is an asian looking style of font and sushi is originated from Asia (Japan) and it makes the illustration more clear that it is instructional. Overall I am pleased with the outcome and I think it does meet the brief however I think the tornado was very difficult to make and the style of it does not fit with the style of the rest of the illustrations.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 7.51.39 pm

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